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We have been using Adobe Business Catalyst for over 4 years now. In fact, when we first started using Business Catalyst... it was an Australian owned and developed company. Since then it has been bought by Adobe and there have been a host of upgrades, changes and ongoing development.

We have been a Business Catalyst Premium Partner since 2009. We have rolled out many websites during this time - why not head over to our Portfolio to check them out!

In the last 6 months we have noticed so many other web companies jumping on the Business Catalyst bandwagon. We caution you with choosing a company that doesnt know all (ok - *most*) of the in's and out's of using this great product. Stick with a company who have proven success in using this product. 

Why Business Catalyst?

There are so many Content Management Systems (CMS) available today and not all are created equal. Our main reason for choosing Adobe Business Catalyst as our preferred CMS is due to the variety and quality of the features on offer that our clients can take advantage of.

Not only is there a great range of existing features, but there are continual developments and upgrades being released. Business Catalyst are  listening to feedback from both end users and Partners and they are making changes in response to this.

Our general recommendation to most clients is to stick with a CMS that is either open source (i.e. free) or one that has a huge amount of support available to it. Some clients I have worked with had a website that was developed within proprietary software developed by their website development company. This lead to avoidable hassle in the long run because either the company stopped supporting/developing their own product or the customer was unable to do the developments they wanted. For many of these customers, it meant starting from scratch once more.

You can be re-assured that choosing Business Catalyst means there is endless support available to you. It is a very scalable product - it will grow with your business. Better yet, being owned by Adobe means that it is here for the long term. You wont end up in a situation where you have a website that no web developer can work with.

Many web development companies that traditionally used their own proprietary, in-house developed systems are moving away from that model and onto the Business Catalyst system. Dont get stuck with a company that is still learning - choose Ignite Digital Marketing... experts in Adobe Business Catalyst!

What does is cost to use Business Catalyst

The cost of using this CMS is rolled in to the cost of your website hosting. Business Catalyst is what we call a 'hosted solution'. Meaning that the only way you can take advantage of this fantastic product is to have your website hosted on the Australian based Business Catalyst web servers. 

All this means is you pay the 1 amount that can combine the use of the CMS, your website hosting - and even your email hosting if that's what you choose. 

Do you want to move your website away from your current Business Catalyst Partner?

Not a problem ! We can assist you to easily make the transition from your current Business Catalyst Partner over to us. We can also assist you with the following:

  • Website overhaul - not happy with your current site? We can give it a new lease on life
  • Website repairs - has something gone wrong? We can work with you to get your site back on track
  • Website assessment - not sure if your website has been set up properly? We can provide you with a written assessment on the current state of your website including an assessment of how search engine friendly it is.
  • Design changes - like the functionality but not the look? We can improve the design without interrupting your business.


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Thanks to Tara, her marketing ability coupled with technical expertise has resulted in our web page becoming an effective marketing tool

Christopher Box

Tara has been very efficient, knowledgeable and very understanding. Her intuition along with her bright cheerful attitude is quite amazing.

Dalila Lacquiere

I'm pleased to personally recommend Tara of Ignite Digital Marketing, to those looking for excellent and professional service in creating an exciting website for their business...

Dennis Ring

I am writing to tell you just how happy I am with my new website. It not only looks fabulous and in keeping with what our profile was about but it works brilliantly too.

Dianne Elliott

Ignite Digital Marketing has exceeded all expectations in creating the Home Building Made Easy website

Donna Garrett-Young

Ignite not only understand the technical and design aspect, they also advise how best to take advantage of online marketing and search engine optimisation.

Etain Nolan

I liked the straightforward and "no-nonsense" discussions I had with Tara before the project started. She seemed to really understand what I was trying to achieve with my website.

Harry Burnett

I choose Ignite because they listened to us and understood what we were looking for. Tara has been professional and very patient the whole way through explaining how it all works.

Jayne Bielby - Elegant Images

I would thoroughly recommend that anyone starting out entrust this important reflection of you and/or your business to Tara and Team. The investment is attainable when you keep it in perspective.

Jennifer Harris

You were very understanding of my lack of understanding of web design and technology. Your patience and speed conducting the updates meant that my website was only out of action for a short amount of time.

Jo Wolfe

Fantastic Tara. Thank you so much. I’m really happy with what you have done for me.

Lyn Witts, Pawtential

Thank you Ignite! We will certainly recommend you to business associates who are in need of some “hassle-free” technical prowess.

Matti Laakso

You certainly made my website say what I needed to promote my business at a reasonable cost, without a lot of fuss and complicated input by me,so thank you, and your offer to maintain and update it certainly is convenient.

Paul Fisscher

For the past 2 years and we have seen our sales inquiries over internet increase by 75% and almost 80% of all inquiries are internet generated and her search engine optimisation has been the single biggest factor in this increase.

Ross Forbes, Tradesure

Tara and her team offer a no nonsense approach. They are efficient, honest and brilliant at communicating without “technical speak” – which we found incredibly valuable. Tara and her team developed our new web site on time, on budget and exactly within our brief.

Sarah Orchard

A very big thankyou to Tara. Our website looks amazing, as do our business cards. I feel its going to be the edge we need to get our business out there.

Shaun Morrison, Cackleback Karaoke

Your professional approach and dedication on providing a website that will service our District for many years to come displays your excellent knowledge & professionalism in this field.

Terry Ward, SCSBDGA

Tara cuts through the technical jargon to explain all the requirements for a successful website and makes the entire process appear easy. She guides decision making, drawing on her considerable experience and offers options and new ideas for creating truly innovative and high performing web design.

Wendy Bold, Bold Corporate Communication

Your ability to cut through the technical ‘mumbo jumbo’ and not baffle us when we were discussing our requirements was truly appreciated.

Xena, Perth Harriettes