Are you a local business? Can customers in your local area find you easily when they search for your products or services?

If you operate a local business and your customers cant find you easily online – you are dead in the water!

Mobile now represents 65% of all digital media time, with mobile apps dominating that usage.

What are people doing on their phones? Aside from watching videos of cats behaving badly on YouTube and arguing with strangers on Facebook, they are often looking for a local business while they are out and about.

It is crucial for your business, that a search on a ANY and ALL devices results in your business being put in front of your prospective customers!


Mobile Searches

Did you know that if you search on a mobile device you will very likely see different results than if you search on a desktop or laptop computer?

This is because Google knows what websites are “mobile friendly”. They even used to (and you still might see this) show you what websites are mobile friendly when flicking through the search results on a mobile device – so you know whether its worth bothering to click on or not.

Google now believe that over 85% of all websites are mobile friendly – and if your website is not one of those sites, it simply wont appear in the Google search results on a mobile device!

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