Responsive Website Design


Potential customers who visit you online will judge your business purely on the look and feel of your website.

The design is central to first impressions – are the visuals appropriate to the audience, are the colours fresh, is it easy for them to find what they need. If your website is unattractive – either over-designed or underdone – and it’s clunky and slow, there is every chance your prospective client will form the same opinion of you.

Less is usually more

A great website should engage the visitor from the moment they arrive. On average, you have about 3 to5 seconds to capture the attention of your visitor and entice them to stay longer. If your website has too much going on like graphics flying around, scrolling text and other audio visuals, you will surely overwhelm them.
Your prospective clients should land on your home page and know immediately who you are, what you offer and what they should do next. This call to action might be to submit an online enquiry, telephone for a quote or click to make a purchase – whatever it is, the action must be clear.

It’s all about THEM!

We specialise in creating websites that work for businesses. They are unique, easy to navigate, have compelling calls to action and above all – they are effective. While we want you to enjoy your website, the fact of the matter is that your website isn’t for you, it’s for your clients and prospective clients.
The design, the content and the calls to action – it’s all for them! That’s why we put little importance on Flash components, and it’s simply because Flash doesn’t work on most mobile devices used by your prospective clients. Our websites are created using search engine friendly, web based content management systems to actively bring visitors to your website.

Take control – or not!

We empower you to take as much control of your website as you wish. We can manage your website for you or we can train you to manage it yourself.


Leap tall buildings…when you are ready

Ignite Digital Marketing websites are only ever built using platforms that allow for easy expansion and that are capable of growing with your business in the future. We meet way too many clients who have outgrown their old website and in order to expand have needed to start again from scratch.

I primarily work with WordPress and Shopify as I have found that most clients find these the easiest to self-manage. 



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