WordPress Website Hosting

I’ve worked with a lot of website content management systems (CMS) over the years. And let me assure you that not all are created equal! Where one might be super easy to use – it might be diabolical for your SEO. Then another might be really fast and amazing for SEO but you need an IT degree just to navigate it. 

Proprietary software CMS

The other issue with some CMS’s is that they are proprietary software. What does that mean? Well if you decide to part ways with your web company – you are toast. You need to start your  website all over again. You cannot transfer it to another host. They cant be moved or transferred at all. They can only be operated by the company that owns that content management system. For business continuity this is a terrible idea. 

You want to be able to transfer your site anywhere! What if you move interstate and want to have someone local help with your site? What if your web developer decides to shut their business down? What if their hosting fees become unreasonably expensive? I have seen each one of these scenarios occur. 

WordPress – the freedom to choose

WordPress is what they call open source software. It is free to use and is kept up to date and new features added by an online community. Websites built on WordPress can be small and simple or very large and complex. 

Millions of businesses around the world choose WordPress because it is flexible, free to use, scalable and easy to use. 

The drawbacks? 

No – its not perfect. You need to keep the security really up to date and active because they are a target for hackers. Ensuring you have some security plugins active, keep very high quality passwords for user accounts and always keep site backups is a good habit to get in to . 


Does your business need IT Support?

Did you know our tech division can provide you with any and all IT Support your business may required? From smashed phone screens through to full network setups of custom built PC’s for graphic design – Total Microsystems can help. With a 20 year history of looking after customers from the Sunshine Coast and beyond… you will be in very safe hands!

Reliable WordPress Website Hosting

We have a secure server located in the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting.

It’s secure and reliable. Better yet – we can manage it all for you so you don’t need to do a thing! Easy!

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