Build It And They Will Come’ … Not anymore!

Search Engine Optimisation – or SEO

Building a website and not optimizing it is the equivalent of launching a new retail store and not advertising your opening sale!
Sure you might get some visitors, but that’s only because they will accidentally stumble across it!

To make your website really work hard for you, it needs to be professionally optimised for the search engines to bring visitors and not just anyone, but quality visitors to your online business.


What’s this ‘SEO’ Mumbo Jumbo’?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO as it is also known almost sounds like voodoo witchcraft. Many business owners have never heard of it and the fact that there are some unscrupulous players in the market doesn’t help.

For the uninitiated, SEO involves carrying out a number of activities both on and off your website. These activities are designed to push your website to the first page (and hopefully the first listing!) on the Google Search Results Page.

Think about how you normally ‘Google’ something. Do you ever go past the first or second pages? Most people rarely do because they can generally find what they are looking for on the first page. If your business does not appear on that first page, you are missing out on valuable online sales leads!

SEO is essentially the online equivalent of putting up signs that direct prospective customers to your shop.

Business owners do whatever they can to make their physical storefront stand out and they advertise. Marketing your online business is exactly the same – rather than advertising we implement SEO so that your website cuts-through the billions of websites on the internet so that prospective customers can find you. Essentially SEO helps Google to work out that your site is relevant to someone engaged in searching.


How Much SEO Will My Website Need?

Every business, every website and every budget is different.

We have a range of SEO options, from one off payments, to a pay by the month solution for those who may have a very limited budget. The great thing about any online marketing is that you can measure the results.

Google Analytics indicates your website traffic and you’ll clearly see the result of your SEO investment which can assist you to determine your ongoing SEO budget.

We also have other tools that can track movement in keywords being used to search for your product or service.

SEO works – the reports prove it and our clients can confirm it.

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